About Us

Welcome to Our World!

Since 2007, we’ve been the go-to experts for comparing various products in Australia. We’ve been at the forefront of comparison since the days of flip phones and the early internet! We’re the brains behind Compare Broadband, which started its journey within Getprice’s shopping comparison realm before becoming its own entity in 2009 as Value Comparisons Australia.

Our Journey:

  • Our first gig was broadband because, honestly, who can live without decent internet these days? Remember the era of the endless loading icon? We’ve been there, helping Aussies find better deals ever since.
  • Broadening our horizons (we love a bit of a left-field venture), we ventured into education with Compare Courses, embracing innovative moves until its sale in 2017.
  • Noticing that many of our users are in the process of moving, it just made sense to dive into energy comparison in 2018. No one likes sorting out utilities, but everyone loves a well-lit, cool home, right?

      Our Awesome Team:

      • Aussie as a backyard barbie, our in-house team is on standby to swiftly connect you with essential services, ensuring you’re set up with the perfect plan.
      • Earning trust is paramount for us. With the top Trustpilot rating in our sector (4.8), we’re like the champions in the arena of aiding Australians.

        4.5 Star Average

        4.8 Star Average

        Why ConnectYourHome?

        • Tired of connection services that don’t quite cut it? We’re different. We ensure you start on the right plan, not just any plan. We’re here to genuinely make your move easier, not just in words, but in action.

        Our Purpose and Values:

        • Our mission is straightforward – we get Australian homes set up correctly. We handle the tedious tasks, saving you time, money, and stress.
        • Better’s a No Brainer: Opting for the best should be effortless. That’s our belief.
        • Good Night’s Sleep: We take care of the details, so you can rest easy.
        • Enjoy the Ride: Life’s journey should be smooth, and we’re here to ensure yours is just that.

        Our Impact:

        • Assisting over a million Australians in selecting the right broadband and energy plans is a milestone we’re proud of. Just think about the vast number of households we’ve had the privilege to help connect and empower – it’s a testament to our commitment and impact.

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